Web DeskPublished: 26 May 2023 at 10:01 | Updated: 26 May 2023 at 13:01

Imran Khan's Medical Report Sparks Controversy, Health Minister Raises Concerns over Alcohol Consumption and Mental Health

Imran Khan's Medical Report Sparks Controversy, Health Minister Raises Concerns over Alcohol Consumption and Mental Health
In a surprising turn of events, the medical report of former Prime Minister Imran Khan has become a subject of controversy, with Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel sharing concerning details during a press conference in Karachi. The report, which was conducted following Khan's arrest on May 9, revealed alleged excessive alcohol consumption, lack of information about a previously claimed leg fracture, and indications of unstable mental health.
Addressing the media, Health Minister Patel emphasized that the medical report was a public document, paving the way for him to share its contents. He disclosed that the report did not mention any fracture on Khan's foot, contradicting the former prime minister's claim of sustaining an injury during an assassination attempt on November 3.
According to Patel, the report also highlighted the presence of toxic elements and excessive usage of alcohol and cocaine, as indicated by Khan's urine sample. Furthermore, the report raised concerns about the PTI chief's mental health, suggesting that his actions and body language were inconsistent with those of a mentally stable individual.
Patel went on to express his long-standing concerns about Khan's mental condition, accusing him of undermining decency, political tolerance, and respect for others in politics. The health minister stressed that the detailed report, once available, would be forwarded to the police. He remarked that only an agent or a person with questionable mental stability could engage in the kind of behavior exhibited by Khan.
Adding to the controversy, Patel revealed that a panel of senior doctors, consisting of five members, had questioned Khan's mental stability. These revelations have added fuel to the already intense political atmosphere surrounding the events of May 9.
In response to Patel's statements, the PTI announced its decision to take legal action against the health minister and his assistants. The party's statement, approved by Imran Khan, specified that actions would be initiated against the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), the Ministry of Health, and the doctors at PIMS. Barrister Abuzar Salman Niazi has been entrusted with the task of leading the legal team.
The statement concluded by stating that Patel would be pursued under defamation and other applicable laws for his accusations against Imran Khan. The controversy surrounding the medical report and subsequent legal actions add another layer of complexity to an already tumultuous political landscape in Pakistan.
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