Web DeskPublished: 19 May 2023 at 07:48 | Updated: 19 May 2023 at 09:48

Senior Journalist Reveals Alleged Election Manipulation and Political Turmoil in Pakistan

Senior Journalist Reveals Alleged Election Manipulation and Political Turmoil in Pakistan
Islamabad: Senior journalist and analyst Hamid Mir has said that there is substantial evidence indicating that there was complete planning by the PTI on May 9, and on May 9, the Army Chief ordered not to shoot, and these people took undue advantage of it.
While speaking on Geo News program "Geo Pakistan," Hamid Mir said, "Asif Zardari told someone that May 9 is PTI's 9/11, just as the world changed after 9/11, similarly, May 9 has changed Pakistan."
He said, "May 9 didn't just happen in Lahore, it happened all over Pakistan. Similar incidents occurred in Peshawar, Balochistan, and Karachi, but the caretaker government is only focused on Lahore. This caretaker government should remember that it is a representative of the Election Commission. They should not become Sultan Rahi or Jaga Daku. They came only to conduct elections. If they target just one leader's house, they are also making the Election Commission disputed. No one focuses on PTI's events. The Supreme Court, the Federation, and even their own government do not question them. PTI throws stones in KP, but no one is held accountable."
Hamid Mir said, "Imran Khan is not in a moral position to condemn May 9. He himself provoked it because a narrative was created that Imran Khan is popular and he will come and take over Islamabad. These threats were made by Ali Amin Gandapur. Imran Khan realized that we have 10 to 15 thousand people all over Pakistan, and he needs to mobilize them."
He revealed that "PTI planned on paper. Murad Saeed said, 'Go after Imran's arrest.' Shehryar Afridi said, 'Go to the GHQ.' There is substantial evidence that this planning took place. If Imran Khan criticizes it, then it will be like pushing his own people under the bus. It is being said that they were not stopped from entering Commanders' House. If you watch the video of the start, there was a debate. The gathering opened the gate. The Army Chief had ordered not to shoot, and they took undue advantage of it. Women forced everyone to enter Commanders' House. Imran Khan said they are agency people, but does Imran Khan have any evidence? These were PTI workers of various capacities."
He said, "Imran still has faith, and he is talking to close people. He believes that this is boiling for a maximum of ten to fifteen days. The government will make mistakes, and I will benefit from it, and things will be set right. People will come back due to the government's mistakes. Imran Khan is trying to waste time. The reason for his trust has no acceptability. He doesn't have any manifesto or program on how to put the country on the path of progress when in power."
The senior journalist revealed, "People from the government are actively trying to save the accused involved with the Al-Qadir Trust. I talked to the Prime Minister about it, but he remained silent. First, these people should create consensus among themselves."
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