Web DeskPublished: 23 May 2023 at 01:57 | Updated: 24 May 2023 at 04:02

NAB Chairman Vows to Rebuild Trust and Fight Corruption in National Address

NAB Chairman Vows to Rebuild Trust and Fight Corruption in National Address
In a ceremony held at NAB Rawalpindi, Lieutenant General (retd) Nazir Ahmed, the Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), reiterated the agency's commitment to remaining apolitical and working in accordance with the law to avoid unnecessary controversies. Focused on restoring NAB's reputation, he emphasized the need for fairness and impartiality within the organization.
Expressing concern over the country's declining position in the Global Corruption Perception Index, the NAB chief highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts to eradicate corruption. During the event, compensation cheques were distributed among victims of various scams, and Lieutenant General Ahmed applauded their patience while waiting for the recovery of looted funds. He assured everyone that future cases would be concluded promptly.
Emphasizing NAB's commitment to fairness, the chairman reminded officers and staff that the anti-graft watchdog does not play favorites but operates based on principles of equality. He urged treating all accused individuals with courtesy and civility, reflecting the organization's dedication to ethical conduct.
During a Q&A session, Lieutenant General Ahmed addressed concerns raised by employees, particularly the comfort and resolution of issues for female staff members. He assured them that measures were being taken to create a more conducive working environment and affirmed that the rotation policy would be strictly implemented.
Prior to Lieutenant General Ahmed's address, NAB Rawalpindi Director General Mirza Irfan Baig highlighted significant achievements in recovering funds from major cases of public deception. Notably, Rs3.5 billion had been retrieved, with Rs27 million being disbursed to affected individuals on that day. Among the recoveries were Rs130 million related to fake accounts in the Sindh Tractors Scheme, which were handed over to the provincial government, as well as Rs500 million from the Askaria Town Housing Scheme and Rs1.9 billion from the National House Building Development Corporation scam, among others.
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